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About the Guy Hilton Trust

The Guy Hilton Asthma Trust was founded in 2002 by John and Ro Hilton after the Tragic death of their 12 year old son, Guy, from an asthma attack.

Our Aims

The trust aims to :

1. Promote research into the causes and treatment of asthma and ensure that the results of the research are made available to the general public.

2. Advance education and training opportunities by working in close liaison with recognised local and national organisations.

3. Have a positive impact on patient's quality of life and relieve unnecessary suffering from asthma.

Our Achievments

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The Guy Hilton Research Centre

The Guy Hilton Research Centre

In September 2006 Professor Sally Davies, NHS Director of Research and Development at the Department of Health, opened the new multi-million-pound Clinical Research and Development Centre at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. 200.000 pounds where donated to the Centre. In recognition of work carried out by the Trust, the building was named "The Guy Hilton Research Centre".

The Hilton Family Help







The Trust continues to work to raise funds for the Centre and to help asthma sufferers in the local comunity.

Art Competition - Posters

Winning Poster 2Rainbow poster competition winerRo Hilton with the judge and the winners of the poster competition







The Trust Launched and funded the poster competition to highlight the seriousness and response to be taken in the event of an asthma attack. The 2 winning posters have now been distribuited around all Staffordshire Moorlands Schools.

Personal asthma action plan (PAAP)

The personal asthma action plan is a compact, easy to follow personal plan and information resource for asthma sufferers. It has been developed by the Staffordshire North Respiratory Alliance (SNRA) for use in primary and secondary care.

Time to take action

Requests for PAAPs can be made via email using paap@uhns.nhs.uk or by telephoning Asthma Co-ordinator Karen Williams on 01782 552109.

For further information or education on asthma please contact Sadie Clayton via email: sadie.clayton@uhns.nhs.uk

Over a two-and-a-half year period at a cost of £33,500, the trust has funded a joint research project with the staffordshire Moorlands Primary Care Trust and the University Hospital of North Staffordshire to develop:

Individual Emergency Cards

This card gives contact details and vital information on how to treat the sufferer if they have a sudden attack.



Asthma Hand Held Record Booklet


This booklet aims to help individuals to monitor their own symptoms and identify when their asthma is not under control. It allows for changes in medication and provides a comprehensive record for all doctors, consultants and health care professionals involved in the individuals care.

The Trust has also worked with local doctors, nurses and the Staffordshire Moorlands Primary Care Trust to improve asthma care in the local community.

To this end the Trust has provided:

Emergency Treatment Packs including Volumatics, Inhalers and Medication to local practices and assessment units. A portable Pulse Oximeter for a local surgery and a Portable Nebuliser for a local patient.

Emergency Asthma Training days for 50 Asthma Nurses working within the Staffordshire moorlands Long term Conditions Team for Respiratory work.

Specialist Training for Asthma Nurses at Education for Health / National Respiratory Training Centre, Warwick.

The work of the trust is an ongoing commitement from John and Ro Hilton. Any news and new initiatives will be posted on our News & Events page.

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